Crochet Granny Bunny With Bible

crochet bunny, bible and glasses

Lil’ Granny Bunny

As soon as I saw this pattern by Little Yarn Friends I knew I would make it for my mom being that her favorite book is the bible and her favorite color is red so it had her name written all over it! I remember seeing the pattern just a couple days before Christmas but knew I had to make it no matter how little time left there was to make it!

So I did just that and I remember finishing just as my parents drove up to my place on x-mas day, haha I was still sewing the glasses in place as they walked through my door! But it was worth the late night I put in crocheting and the last minute rush to get the glasses done because my mom fell instantly in love when she received her gift... I could tell by the huge smile on her face and the love in her eyes. This bunny has been sitting in a place of honor right by her telephone ever since December 25th 2012!

The pattern itself is real easy to follow and an absolute joy to make. Thank you Little Yarn Friends for sharing your wonderful pattern!

You can pick up the pattern for free right here

Happy Crocheting!!