New and Improved Pattern Coming Soon

This is long over due for sure! I've been working on the revision of my Pretty Coraline pattern that I released in 2011. When I  wrote that pattern I was still very new crochet and writing patterns so some of the parts are very fiddly and harder than they should be.

UPDATE May 2019:I have a number of Coraline patterns available, including the cat. Click here to view them all or use the search bar, one word searches work best.

I know that many people likes the looks of Pretty Coraline so I did my best to keep the original looks of her  but make those fiddly parts easier to make and put together.

I will also have a full video tutorial to go with this revised pattern. The old video was uploaded to youtube back when they only allowed 15 minute videos at a time so the new video will be much better!
The old pattern and old video tutorial  will be retired in the new year.

I am doing my best to get the pattern posted with enough time for others to make her for Christmas so stay tuned!


  1. Woah! Those are awesome news! Thank you so much for doing this ^.^

  2. I tried to comment on this but something glitched. Hopefully it'll work this time. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all your videos and patterns. They've helped me tremendously. They're so clear and easy, and the way your patterns are written on the screen in your videos has helped me learn to read patterns--something I've never done before. A few slight pointers from a lady at church combined with your patterns and videos has helped me advance very quickly in crochet in just a little over a month, so that I'm doing some intermediate patterns now.

    I am wondering, though, specifically regarding the Coraline doll, whether you're going to have a new video explaining fingers in addition to the new pattern. I'm making a Spiderman doll for my nephew for Christmas which I based on your Coraline pattern. (Basically just changed the colors, replaced the face with big white eyes that I figured out based on the method of ears on your elephant, and left off the hair.) But right now he doesn't have arms because I can't figure out the fingers. Something with how to count the stitches keeps confusing me. And I really want Spidey to have fingers because I want to sew one hand into the web-slinging position. If you're able to offer any additional pointers about the fingers, I would really appreciate it. But regardless, I do REALLY appreciate your videos and patterns introducing me both to reading patterns and to the wonderful world of amigurumi!

    1. Thank you Karoline, I am very happy to read your message and to know the patterns and tutorials have been helpful.
      Yes, I am planning to explain in more detail about the fingers in this video. I'm hoping to get all this done by the weekend, I'm working on it right now :))
      Keep up the great work, it's a real pleasure to hear you are enjoying amigurumi so much and even designing your own Spiderman doll by tweaking the Coraline pattern ~ Happy Crocheting!!


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