Updates For Mouse Accessory Patterns Little Red Riding Mouse

red purple and blue crochet doll capes

For those of you who have made the cape and hood for the mouse, please be aware that I added a note in the cape and hood sections of the pattern. For those of you not familiar with a double crochet stitch (dc) then the pattern might of turned out a little wonky for you. The pattern is here and the notes are place right beside the heading CAPE and also in row 3 of the hood section. This was fully explained in the video but it also should have been explained in the pattern. My apologies to those of you who may have struggled.

Also for the upcoming patterns "Little Red Riding Mouse " please be aware that Granny's cap does fit over her ears so the ears must be placed in line with the eyes just as stated in the mouse pattern look for the section written under this heading:

"Read when to put the eyes, nose and ears on before starting the head:"
I did allow for some wiggle room as you see where the arrow is pointing on Granny's cap so don't worry about being so precise, just "approximately" will do
The cap will also fit over one of the Wolf's ears as well. 

Also coming for the mice is a Christmas hat and scarf! Again the hat will fit over the ears so make sure to follow the instructions in the mouse pattern. All the extra patterns you see pictured will be released very soon. Today is Friday and I am hoping to get Granny's clothing posted before the weekend is over.

Stay tuned and have a great weekend!


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