Amigurumi Mice New Pattern Coming

crochet grey and beige mice

Hello Friends!

Here were are just 2 days from Halloween and I never got one scary or creepy amigurumi designed. I had many ideas but my time has been so taken up with family I never got to them. Oh well, maybe next year.
But 2 nights ago I was looking over one of our books called, The Church Mice by Graham Oakley and I got super inspired to make mice, so inspired I barely slept I just crocheted the night away! So you know what this means?! Yup, there's a new free pattern coming your way! I just need a couple days to get the pattern written up so stay tuned and soon the mice will  be jumping off your ball of yarn too!

UPDATE! Pattern is now ready here

Even though this post was about Adorable Mice I can still  wish you all a Happy Halloween!

amigurumi mice


  1. Hi Sharon, Looking forward to the MICE pattern, they're so cute!! Thanks for another cute pattern.

  2. Hello Sharon.
    It's very nice.
    Happy halloween

  3. Hi There. Thnak you very much for the addorable patterns. Thanks to you I tought myself how to crochet, and it was because of your easy to follow paterns and videos. My first ever project was the monkey, and since then i could not stop making these little big foots for my kids. thank you for opening a new world to me and giving me the gift of creating joy for children. I wish there were more peolple like you. Here in South Africa crochet is a dying craft and nobody has interrest in it anymore. Janie from South Africa


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