Saturday, September 7, 2013

Very Large Beaver

stuffed crochet beaver with sticks
Giant Squishable Beaver....

This was a special request by my children. He is super big and squishy, very huggable! The kids are trying to come up with names.. *Justin Beaver* keeps coming up with a giggle. I thought of Barry Beaver but we might have to put names into a hat and pick one...
I also will try to add a smaller version. Stay tuned!!
Pattern for smaller version here

girl holding stuffed beaver toy
child holding stuffed beaver by arm
Beaver.. so Canadian!

Happy Crocheting!!


  1. I love this huge beaver. Are you still planning to post the pattern?

    1. thanks! Sorry, not sure when I'd be able to get a pattern up. It's one of those amis that didn't get a huge response so I ended up shelving that one for now. But if I do get the chance to post it I'll reply here and let you know

  2. Hi Sharon
    post Justin at least written pattern