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Hello Everyone!

The last couple days I have been doing some "behind the scenes management" of my blog and doing so I've had to do google searches for my own patterns and pictures to see how they are being displayed to the public. While searching I've come across a few blog posts by others who have made something from my patterns. I've been able to read what they are saying about the patterns and about me too! The only way I can describe what I've seen and read the last few days is..

To some this might sound a little dramatic, after all they are just amigurumi patterns but for me it goes way beyond just patterns. It's they way the patterns touch people's hearts! The opportunity it gave them to make a homemade gift for that special person in their life. Or how a Mom has made her child a doll and that's become the child's favorite thing in the world, things like that are priceless and so heart warming!

I know first hand how it feels to watch my child play with a doll I've made them and ignore the store bought things. To see them all curled up at night in their beds with a stuffy that I've made them or to see that stuffy tucked away in their backpacks so they can bring it to school for comfort. That is amazingly beautiful to me. You can not buy that and for that I am SO thankful.

And thanks to all of you for all the great comments and messages you've sent over the last couple years, they really mean a lot to me :)

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Happy Crocheting!!

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