Blog Friendship Cup

A while back I was invited to join in on The Blog Friendship Cup. I had no idea what that meant but it sure sounded cool. I read all about it here at this blog, Aunty's Tea Room   blog no longer active.

 So after reading the rules, I commented and wouldn't you know I ended up getting this beautiful cup sent to me! It came with gifts too, like a little box of Christmas!

So now after receiving, it is my turn to give,
If you would like to have this cup sent to you please read the rules again and then simply comment below by July 5th 2012 and I will announce the next receiver the following day on July 6th. Please read through the rules first! Then please take a look at the pictures of the cup and it's contents the day I received it below. I will be putting in different gifts of course but the pictures will give you a bit of an idea on what to expect. I will of course crochet a little something too!!

  1. You have 3 weeks from when you receive The Blog Friendship Cup to pass it on to one other blog buddy. You can choose a blog buddy by having a contest on your blog and asking for willing participants.  Remember to please choose a KNOWING and WILLING participant.  They must have the time and means to participate.  Also, keep in mind that postage costs a bit of money and that may be a hardship for some people.  Also, your recipient must have a blog on which they can post about the cup at the time they receive it, because we are nosy and want to follow it on its travels!
  2. Before you pass on The Blog Friendship Cup, you must alter it in some creative way – like painting, adding a ribbon or button or sequins, but only ONE application can be applied at one time by any blogger. So you can’t paint it AND add buttons, etc.
  3. Before you pass on The Blog Friendship Cup, you must place a small gift inside. This may be a joke gift, a handmade item, a nonperishable good, a poem of your own, etc.
  4. Before you pass on The Blog Friendship Cup, you must take a photo of it (if you have a camera). Then you must write a blog entry on your blog so everyone can see the way it changes in appearance. You must also include the links of all the past blogs that the box has visited.
  5. The Blog Friendship Cup MAY be sent to the same person more than once. However, it cannot go back and forth between the same people. So, there must be at least a total of 5 different people on the list of links before sending it to someone who has already had it.

    Here's the pictures the day I received my little box of Christmas!
It Arrived!!!

Look How Pretty It Was Inside!

Gifts For Me, So Thoughtful :)

crocheted bare-foot sandals, cats for my dollhouse, puzzle, game

cards made from personal pictures, teacup book mark, presents for my dollhouse
I absolutely love this! Handmade by Tina AKA Teeni of Aunty's Tea Room! (Blog no longer active)

So there you have it! A beautiful cup with some lovely gifts just waiting to be passed on to someone willing to pass it on to someone else... simply comment below. All those who comment will be entered but please comment only once. As a bonus, if you write a post at your own blog and link back to this post, your name will be entered twice! Contest ends July 5th 12am, Pacific Time.
Lucky recipient to be announced on July 6th 2012!

Good Luck!!

Sharon Ojala XO