Saturday, August 26, 2017

A Troll and 3 Billy Goats

Happy weekend everyone!

I've been working on patterns like crazy.. when I made the goats (pattern not available yet) I knew I had to make a troll too. My mind went to that old children's story, "3 Billy Goats Gruff".
I've been wanting to make a troll for a very long time but the inspiration to do so didn't hit me until 2 nights ago.. late at night, of course.

I'm so happy with how he turned out. I'm working on the pattern today, writing, editing and taking photos. It won't be ready today, it'll take some time to get it all together. Just keep an eye here on my blog or on my facbook page. I'll announce it when it's done.

I wrote a little story this morning on my fb page. It is a continuation from a short story I wrote last week when I finished making the goats.

I woke up to a ruckus in my kitchen. I came out to investigate and could not believe my eyes! There was the Troll with those 3 Billy Goats. He had them tied to a rope.
"What are you doing?!!", I asked.
The Troll said he found these goats crossing his bridge. Since he had already eaten, and was feeling very full, he decided to sell them to me.
Omg! I didn't want them! They're noisy and obnoxious. It was just a few days ago they
were standing on my porch screaming at me to give them directions to the bridge. All 3 at once, screaming, "Bridge! Bridge! Bridge!" Goodness me, they were so obnoxious.
I gave them directions to the bridge and was happy to see them leave. Now here they are, all 3 in my kitchen.
But the goats were quiet as mice today and looking rather humble..
The middle goat bumped the smallest one towards me, as if to say, you ask!
The smallest one, which is also the cutest, said in a whisper "Save us! We'll be quiet! We'll be nice! We promise! If the Troll gets hungry, he'll eat us! Save us, please!"
How could I refuse this whispery plea, *UGH*
With a sigh and a roll of my eyes, I asked the Troll how much and we worked out a deal that left me quite broke..
to be continued.

There's the troll without hair.. I think I prefer him without hair. I'm making another troll and will leave him bald. Oh, and my kitty cats, Loki and Lucy. You can find them on instagram here.

I need to name the troll. Any ideas for a name, leave a comment and maybe you'll find the pattern published with the name you suggested :)

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Have a lovely, yarny day!


  1. They are all just adorable......including your cats

  2. I have a bit too much time on my hands waiting for Harvey the Hurricane to get out of here. In looking up 'Trolls' they originated in Scandinavian folklore.
    Perhaps a Scandinavian name? Lars,Oskar, Thomas, Teodore, Trovald (I like alliteration)
    Or a funny name like Trollson
    Or short one syllable names like Nip, or Dan.
    Although I do really like Valerie's suggestion of Travis...

  3. great ... i am looking forward to this pattern ... eva

  4. Brilliant. You are such an amazing talent!

  5. Trouble should be his name!

  6. Very cute! I can hardly wait until the patterns are available. Name your troll, "Trapper." He trapped the goats and it plays on the line in the story, "Who's trip trapping on my bridge."


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