Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How To Make Wire Glasses For Dolls and Amigurumi

I had so much fun making the glasses for my Pig  that I had to make a pair for my giraffe then everyone got a pair, haha And of course I had to make it into a video so you can make some for your amigurumi. But this method will also work
for your dolls or stuffed animals.

What I used:
18 gauge florist stem wire (18 inches long)
round things to bend the wire like thread spools or small jars
pliers with wire cutters
And if you want to wrap your glasses as I did then:
yarn or string
fabric glue

View the  video tutorial right here.

I first made wire glasses for an amigurumi Bunny by Little Yarn Friends that I made my mother as a gift a couple years ago. It's a great pattern! You can see the bunny and it's glasses right here.

Thanks for stopping by!

This pattern was courtesy of Sharon Ojala of Amigurumi To Go. Free for all to enjoy! You may sell finished products. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and help fund amigurumi making supplies for future free patterns. So far 80 free patterns & video tutorials with many more to come. Happy Crafting everyone!


  1. Ze zijn geweldig mooi die brilletjes

  2. Hi Sharon

    I absolutely love your YouTube channel and your patterns, they are so easy to follow, I have made many of the patterns. I need to make a Polar Bear for a friend who isnt very well and she loves polar bears. I bought a DMC pattern and I cant make it work at all. Really hoping that you have a pattern.

    Many many thanks


    1. thank you very much!
      And I don't have a pattern for a polar bear, sorry about that


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