Sunday, February 9, 2014

Einstein Amigurumi Film

Hey everyone! Just stopping by with the news that the new Wybie video tutorial is now uploading to youtube! As soon as it's ready then his new written pattern will be released too so watch my blog. It'll take a few more hours as it's a long tutorial.

While you wait for that you have to, you just have to check out my newest pattern coming next!! I'm leaking the news in an  amigurumi short film

Thanks for watching and come back soon!


  1. I love Einstein and the film is very good made me smile -x-

  2. Einfach super ,ich liebe deine Arbeit

  3. I like Einstein because he looks like my uncle.

  4. Te felicito por los maravillosos muñecos que haces. Espero llegar a alcanzar si no esa maestría, acercárme un poco. Un saludo


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