Find Your Way Around My Channel

My youtube channel is listed under my own name Sharon Ojala. Click the photo above to go to my channel. Read below for links to my video playlists.

There you will find about 50 full length video tutorials for many of my written patterns  and about 13 or so other helpful videos like how to crochet the magic circle   how to make an I-cord how to work across a chain plus many others.

Many people have a hard time finding their way around youtube so I'll link you up to each one of my playlists. A playlist is where similar videos or a series of videos are placed in one convenient list.

Some videos are in more than one list.

1) Amigurumi Animals
2) Hospital Amigurumi
3) Amigurumi Stop Motion
4) Easter Amigurumi
5) Cute Amigurumi
6) Totoro Dolls & The Catbus too!
7) Coraline & Other Character Dolls
8) Veggie Tales & Other Veggies
9) Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Dolls
10) Little Bigfoot Animals
11) Crochet How To's Like the Magic Ring

I also have other videos not related to crochet and those are for my other blog Homemade Obsessions

1) Dollhouse & Miniatures
2) Dollhouse Gut & Flip (video diary of a dollhouse reno)
3) Book Flip Thrus

I hope this page was helpful to you

Have a wonderful day!

Patterns and video tutorials are courtesy of Sharon Ojala of Amigurumi To Go. Free for all to enjoy! You may sell finished products. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and help fund amigurumi making supplies for future free patterns. So far over 80 free patterns & video tutorials and many more to come. Happy Crafting everyone!


  1. Video patterns are great as I am trying to do it easier & not so stressed. Thanks

  2. Thanks for this , This is Lovely.

  3. I'm having problems with the fox when i joined the colours my stitches doesn't match, have you got a video of how to do the fox? thanks

    1. no I don't have a video for the fox. Are you doing a sl st after the color change? Also make sure to knot off the color changes as well and this will straighten out the color change line. There will always be a slight color jump but doing those steps will eliminate most of it. Hope that helps

  4. Thanks for your reply, I managed to do it thanks