Many Thanks To You My Mind Is Blown

cats with silver youtube play button

A little update and a massive thanks to you all.

I was sick,
Many of you reading this already know that I got real sick in Sept of 2016.  I got a bit better in 2017 only to be hit hard again. Thankfully, I believe that is behind me now and remission is just around the corner.

Getting better,
I did struggle with energy over the last number of months but  it was due to going on and off of heavy duty medications, steroids being one. What a wicked drug that is. I'm off all now, except one, and I take infusions for auto-immune disease every 8 weeks. It's working!

My mind  blown,

It's been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs but while that was happening my youtube channel was exploding!  I was so shocked to learn while I was in the hospital the first time my channel hit 100,000 subscribers! WOW! Since then it has doubled to over 200,000 and my mind is blown. I can barely believe it!

What's offered on my channel,
I have been focusing a lot this year, on my channel, behind the scenes making videos. My new videos are now broken down into parts making it way easier for you to use what you need and skip over what you don't need. As always, 99.5% of my amigurumi videos are geared towards the beginner. I  show how to do everything that is in the written pattern. How to start each row, stuff , shape, and sew it all together.  I leave nothing out.

Those unimpressed cats,
 I want to share with you this amazing milestone. There's my cats, Loki and Lucy posing with my Silver Play button. That was sent by youtube for reaching 100, 000 subs. My cats might not be so impressed but I was beyond thrilled when I opened that, I may or may not of cried, lol

I love you guys!
I have lots more planned! Many more designs on the way.  Thanks for sticking with me even though there were times I went missing. I love you all. Happy crocheting!!

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Thank you,  thank you, thank you, thank you!!


  1. Congratulations well deserved Sharon, very soon you'll be celebrating 1 million!! So happy you feel better. Loki and Lucy are so cute!

  2. I tell people about you all the time, and this is great news! So happy for you! I love the new trolls, looking forward to your next inspiration ��

  3. hi Sharon.
    i was wondering if you can help me with a few stiches and how to make them,
    chain one
    slip stitch
    back loops only
    front loops only
    do you have a video on how to do those? i want to make the cuddle me puppy...


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