Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pattern Updates and Flying Pigs

Happy Sunday everyone!

Just popping in to let you know the OG LBF Pig revised pattern is almost ready. I've been busy today with my daughter's b-day, she turned 15 years old.. my goodness.
Time certainly does fly.. and apparently so do pigs!
I had to give him wings, he really wanted them. He's been flying around the house ever since I gave him a pair this morning...

The wings are a free pattern, as are all my patterns, found here on my blog:
  • The wings are here
  • Cow pattern is here
  • OG LBF Bear pattern is here
  • There's a LBF Hippo too, not pictured, just released here
I have many, many more free patterns. Look to your right and scroll down, there's a label list of free patterns there. It's located just under the Top 10 list.

Okay, off I go.
I've got b-day things to do. Hope you're all having a lovely and yarny Sunday.
Here's my little girl not so long ago and her today. Just as awesome and as beautiful as always. Love you to the moon and back, Gracie!


  1. OMG these are just SO SWEET!!!! I can't wait to use some yarn (very colorful)on these babies!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your patterns...

  2. What a beautiful daughter, Sharon. Enjoy your time with her on her special day. As you know, they grow up much too quickly!

  3. She is gorgeous! My youngest is now 20 years old. How did that even happen?! 😱
    Have you thought about putting your pics up on Instagram? I’m always seeing your patterns up there. Just type in #amigurumitogo and see how many of your patterns are being put to beautiful use. I looked for you but could not find you. 🧐

    1. thank you so much! I know, the time flies by so fast! My oldest is 25 now, that just freaks me out, lol
      Yes, I'm on ig. Look for sharon_ojala I haven't been active for the last few weeks on that account.
      I also have another account for my other blog too, it has more recent post but not crochet ojala_crafts