Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New Kitty and Updates

awww, look at him!

Meet our little baby Loki. He was born March 22nd and came to live with us just 2 days ago on May the 29th, 2017.

He had been living with his mama in the care of  Karen who oversees my son's homeschooling progress. She sent us videos and photo updates of him but we never saw him in person until the day he came. He's so tiny! He's smaller in person than he looks on camera. 
He had to travel in a car for about an hour to get here. When he arrived he was so calm and relaxed. He immediately crawled onto my son's lap and went to sleep.. but as soon as Karen walked out our door he got super scared and hid behind my couch.
The day before he arrived I made him a mouse and stuffed a wee bit of catnip in there. I hoped he would like it.
I pulled out the couch and poor little thing was wanting to disappear into the floor. I picked him up, gave him a snuggle then gave him the mouse. OH! That did the trick! He played and played and played with that mouse. He forgot he was scared.. I was so happy. The amigurumi mouse saved the day! It's like he's always lived with us ever since.

He claimed my yarn bowl, lol

I let him play with the mouse only when I'm around to watch. Yarny things can be dangerous for little kitties if they swallow anything. It's better safe than sorry, so always supervise them if they play with handmade toys. So far the mouse has held up fine. I put it away after he's played for a bit.. until the next time then he goes
cat crazy once again, lol so fun!
The mouse is a free pattern  here on my blog.
My daughter, Gracie, she's head over heels in love with this kitty!

Okay, for other updates, I'm still working on that puppy pattern. The last couple days have been busy, the cat arrived and then yesterday was my father's 84th birthday! My family and I had an awesome time together. So you can imagine I've had very little crochet time.  But once I publish this post I'm going back to work on that pattern :)

I'll go, but before I do.. a few more photos of my purr baby!

Just born. I call this photo, "The Chosen One" My son was given pick of the litter, this is the little beauty he chose. I believe though, that little kitty was born just for us.. Karen sent us a photo of all the kittens but my son didn't have to decide for long.

And last one! I also have a fb page for dollhouses and a blog I'm currently, and for the last 3 years, building a Gnome Home called "Aunt katri's Bed & Breakfast. You can follow that story on fb here. I just wrote a story there this morning about the kitty and the Gnome.
Loki found the door! I caught him just as he was coming out, how precious is this! But... I'll have to lock the door in the future, lol

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed meeting our precious baby. See you soon!

Visit my crochet page on facebook, Amigurumi Freely and feel free to post a photo there of your fur-baby, I'd love to see!

AND Loki has his own instagram. I need to post pictures of him! Follow him here.


  1. Qué lindo el gatito,y tu hija muy guapa!!!
    Estoy deseando ver el patrón del perrito,jejj

  2. You new Loki is adorable. You made gorgeous photo's of him. Life is full of joy for this little baby.

    Have great fun with Loki, Margaret

  3. Kittens and cats are such fun, always into something and making you laugh. I have seven of them, I did rescue and kept the leftovers. I added one or two a year! I love them all and all have different personalities. Enjoy Loki.

  4. Sharon,

    Loki is so beautiful. I can blame you all for falling in love with him. I too have a beautiful baby cat (she's four now) that I am completely in love with. She was a rescue cat, and we got her through a county program. She is a lot of fun and keeps us on our toes! I wouldn't know what to do without her!

    - Momma Cat

  5. he is sooooo cute omg!!!!!!!!1 i just really love cats. Hope you feeling better dear.Ma God bless you