Because a Witch Needs Her Some Flying Monkeys

Late last night I made the monkey and was so excited this morning to see him there, waiting for a face! I have to go over the pattern again before I release it but some Flying Monkeys are on the way. The witch pattern is already available, I gave the color codes to this green faced one in the supplies list of this pattern



  1. I sooo need some flying monkeys in my life!TIA.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I recently installed a wicker basket on the front of my bike and was thinking about decorating it. Because it reminds me of the wicked witch bike (or rather the mean ole lady that threatened Toto), I'm now thinking maybe I'll make some flying monkeys and attach them. I can't wait to see the pattern! It looks like fun, and I'm sure the instructions are fantastic, just like all your patterns are!


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