Friday, January 30, 2015

Crochet and Dollhouses

Hello Friends!

I just wanted to give you all a little update on what I've been up to and what some of my plans are for this year. Most of you know that I do have another blog that I use for my crafty projects outside of crochet which means when this blog goes a  little quiet usually my other blog is active! And the last 2 weeks or so I've been building a dollhouse for my little needle felted gnome and I've been posting all about this new adventure on
This year I would really like to combine my love of crochet and my love of miniatures so I do plan on a few projects that will require me to write about them on both blogs, yay!

This weekend I'm designing a crochet thread gnome.. I will post all about the adventures of the gnomes on my crafty blog but I will post patterns here on Amigurumi To Go. You can read about this last adventure and what Gnomey thinks about crochet right here.

I do plan on curtains, a blanket and maybe a rug as well for the dollhouse... we will see what happens as I normally just go as I'm inspired and those project ideas could change into something different! It's really a fun adventure and  I hope you will join me. You also can get updates on my other facebook page Dollhouses and The Things That Go In Them.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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