Some Pigs Wolf and Couple of Mice

I'm clearing some things up!
please read the post and then scroll down for all the free pattern links

1) I've been getting quite a few messages lately asking if I had a wolf pattern. I do have one but since I made a bunch of pigs lately I'm wondering if those who are asking are wanting the wolf to go with the pigs?

2) Also, I've seen a few blogs online who have posted up the dress and vest
pattern I released thinking they are designed for the Little Bigfoot Pig and they are not!

3) I've also seen that some of you are thinking the Little Bigfoot Pig and the Dress Up Pigs are the same! And they are not, they are completely different patterns.

So I figured I'd better clear this all up in one post

As you can see the pigs are different sizes.
On the left is Little Bigfoot Pig.
On the right is Dress Up Pig.

The dress will not fit the smaller pig, sorry!

And my wolf pattern is not a good size to go with either of my pig patterns...

The wolf was designed to go with my Little Red Riding Mouse and Granny Mouse

I hope this post has helped clear all that up and now for the free pattern links! Everything you see has a written pattern plus a video tutorial for each pattern... enjoy!

Dress Up Pigs
Little Bigfoot Pig
Little Red Riding Mouse, Granny & Wolf


  1. they might not match by size but every single one of them is simple irresistible :)
    Thank you Sharon for all your wonderful patterns

  2. how can I get the same face features on the little pig you released for free, the jowls are different and I love the jowls on the big pig........thank you so much........

    1. the big and little pig are completely different patterns.. I'd have to re-write the head and body pattern on the little pig to get the same kind of jowls and I don't have the time to do that.. sorry!

  3. They are so adorable. Thank you for sharing them. Much love n blessings.

    1. thank you very much and many blessings to you as well :)

  4. I LOVE them all!!! I was wondering though, if I use a larger size hook will the wolf be bigger to match the little pig? Just wondering... :)

    1. It wouldn't make much difference with just a bigger hook size but a bigger hook and 2 strands of yarn held together and you will get a larger wolf for sure.. just can't say for certain if it will be the same size as the pig or not :)

  5. Ooh.. I'm in love with your dress up pig!! Soo cute <3


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