Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pigs and Dresses

Crochet Dresses, UPDATE 7/7/2014 patterns have now been posted. Scroll to the bottom for link

Well I started off with a boyish looking vest first and that was going to be as far as it went but then I realized if I turned it around I could make it into a dress and thus I ended up designing my very first removable crochet dress! I never attempted clothing before since I figured it would add so much time to my video tutorials but I caved and decided to just step it up a notch and just do it already!

 I gave the dress 2 options: sleeves and no sleeves. The sleeves were a bit tricky and I might be adding them in all wrong but I refuse to look at how others do it.  I'm stubborn that way and it worked out so if it works it must be right... right?!

So once again none of this was planned out. I never planned the big pigs.. I started off with Little Bigfoot Piggy and one thing lead to another and "wa la" Big Pigs, lol and then I thought I should add in something just to break up all the pink and "wa la" a vest! And then "wa la" a dress! It's just the  wonderful world of yarn and the possibilities are always endless <3

Ok, so here's the skinny.. the video tutorial for the big pigs is done and has been edited, I just have to put all the clips together yet and that will take a few hours then uploading to youtube takes a few more hours so we're looking at late, late tonight or tomorrow for the video to be ready and once it's ready then I will release the written pattern. UPDATE! The patterns are all ready and linked at the bottom of this post

I still have to film the dress and vest tutorial. That shouldn't be too long and *fingers crossed* it will be posted at the same time the big pigs are. UPDATE! The clothes are ready right here

But today at this very moment the Little Bigfoot Pig pictured above in the middle is already posted with a full video tutorial right here and the glasses he's wearing are also a full video tutorial right here!

Patterns for the Large Pigs and their clothing right here

Yes, I have been very busy!
And I love it :)


  1. Will the patterns be available in a written format? I'm so much better with a written pattern. Thank you.

  2. Just too cute I can't wait for pattern and video release.

    1. thanks! Youtube is terribly slow today but almost there.. should be just a couple more hours. It's a long video :)

  3. Adorable these are fantastic....You do a wonderful job

  4. Sharon, you are just the greatest! Please get that donation button on your blog asap! I cannot wait to make the pig. Do you think the dresses will fit the other critters too? Wouldn't that be neat! At any rate these are adorable....

    1. Thank you Linda!
      I've been thinking about that button.. I've been thinking, lol I'm not sure. My mother said today, "get it up there and listen to that Linda!!", haha
      Annd, today somebody else mentioned about the dresses fitting my Little Bigfoots! I haven't tried it yet but now I'm thinking it won't take much to tweak the pattern if they don't fit so once I get the Pigs and dresses up then I'll work on that too. I keep thinking about the Little Bigfoot Monkey in a dress! Gosh, that's so cute just thinking about it :))

  5. You're so funny, and I love your work. Thank you for the wonderful free patterns. Whenever they are available is FINE! My goodness, they are free after all. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you Amy!! I sure appreciate that!
      I get a bunch of messages sometimes.. "WHEN???" So I tend to answer them before they even get written, lol and today it's slowwwly uploading to youtube.. like a sleepy turtle.. the faster I go the slower youtube goes and that's the way it goes :)
      It's always so nice to get a message like yours when things get hung up along the way so thanks for that!
      Happy Crocheting ~

  6. Just to let you know I just finished your big foot piggy! I simply love him! I made him for my daughter who loves pigs. Thank you so much. You make me feel so happy! Thankyou for the wonderful patterns๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜‰


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