Monday, June 16, 2014

Pig Selfies and Updates

Hello Friends!

It's been a pink yarn fest here at my house and I've got the pigs to prove it, lol

Firstly, the video tutorial for the Little Bigfoot Pig is now done, edited and is currently uploading to youtube. This can take hours so check back tomorrow morning and it should be on youtube by then. Once it's uploaded I will release the written pattern. Update! The pattern is now posted right here

And second, I'm now filming the Big Pig video tutorial. This can take a week or so (or sooner or a few days longer).

Thirdly, I made the Big Pig a vest that comes off. I don't design removable
clothing since it would just add so much more time to the tutorials and to be honest I'm not skilled in that area but this worked out pretty good! You never know what you can make until you try right?! I'm kinda proud of  the vest!
BTW, Big Pig is a foot tall

Fourthly, (is fourthly even a word??) As you can see, one of the little piggies has some glasses and I'll show you all how to make those in the pattern.
And I'm not sure if this will work out but I did start on a dress for one of the little piggies and I don't want to make promises but you never know what accessories the pigs will end up with and that's all I'm going to say on that matter :)

And lastly, never give a pig a camera! My memory card is full of these selfies. But I shouldn't complain, at least he didn't do the duck face...

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!


  1. I am sooooo looking forward to the pattern release!!!!

  2. Just love these piggies :-) Waiting and looking forward to the pattern <3 Youre så good at designing. This is the first pig I really think I have to make (one of them looks kinda like Wibbly the pig (I think its called that in english). My 3 year old daughter loves him. Think I have to make it for her, so she can sleep with him instead of a teddy :-)

  3. I love it! Especially the vest, the internet must have some hats to be found and I can make the 3 piggies and the wolf tale! My little one loves fairy tales. And I love your patterns (Finally started on the Elephant) You make it look so easy that even a beginner like me dares to go for it. Thank you!!

  4. these are just so cool, I love them and can not wait to make one for my grand daughter who loves piggies. She even has a real pig named Porkchop. Thanks for your creativity and sharing it.

  5. can't wait soon as i get pics of the monkey and giraffe i will post for you...i love your patterns and tutorials...i have learned alot from them

  6. this is toooo cute. couldn't wait to make are the best��

  7. OMG I so can't wait to make these little (big) piggy's thank you again, for all the great patterns you bring us

  8. Super cute! Anxious for the pattern. You are so very talented! Better be sure to put the camera up next time. ;)