Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Homemade Coraline Dolls

I tried my best to write out the patterns as I went along but some things will be hard to explain. I took lots of pictures of the process so hopefully that will help. I am new to crochet so please bear with me. I'm learning as I go!

So lets start with Coraline. This is NOT a complete pattern, but hopefully it will help those who know enough about crochet to get their own doll made:
Any questions, please ask!!

(I used a 3.75mm steel hook or size J usa)
Head: With cream color yarn

1. Create a magic circle 
2. Then create 6 sc in the ring. 
3. 2sc in each sc.  (12)
4. 1sc, 2sc in next sc   (18)
5. 2sc, 2sc in next sc   (24)
6. 3sc, 2sc in next sc   (30)
7. 4sc, 2sc in next sc   (36) 
8. 5sc, 2sc in next sc   (42) 
9. 6sc, 2sc in next sc  (48) 
10. 1sc in the back loops for 2 rows (48)
11. 1sc in each sc for 10 rows (48) 
12. 1sc in the next 2sc; Crochet 2 together until you are left with 10 stitches
***Here you can make the neck as long as you want. Don't worry, you will use a dowel or wire to stiffen the neck later.
13. I chose to stitch around 10 stitches for 5 rows. 

***Switch to the color you will use as Coraline's shirt. I chose a multi colored purple
14. Then  stitch 2 in each stitch (20)

arrow pointing to where the dowel goes inside neck

15. 1sc, 2sc in next sc   (30)
16. 1sc in each around  (30)
17. 3sc, 2sc in next around. Stitch in last 2 (37)   
18. 4sc, 2sc. Stitch in last 2 (43)
19.1sc around for 4 rows (43)
20. 10sc, 2tog [3times]  
21.  5sc, 2tog (34)
22. 6sc, 2tog stitch in last 1 (29)
21. 1sc around for 6 rows (29)
22. 2sc, 2sc in next sc. Stitch in last 2 (38)
23. Now in front loops only 1sc around for 2 rows

***This is where I put in the dowel about 4 to 5 inches in length. I used hot glue as pictured and put it inside the neck. I used a dowel but you could use something more flexible. It's just so the neck stands firm and the head won't flop over.
Once the glue is dried stuff the shirt firmly but don't over-stuff, shape as you stuff.

***At the bottom of the shirt on the inside you'll see a ridge that was created by stitching in the front loops, this is where you'll insert the color you use for the pants. I used light blue

arrow pointing to the inside ridge
With the pants color:

1. 2tog around and then 2tog in the back loops around until you close the gap

1. p/u 5 stitches (5)
2. 2sc in each stitch around (10)
3.1sc in each around for 2 rows

*** stop and start other leg as pictured. Please note this is how I did the legs because I wanted them to be stiff but you can use a wire or nothing at all.... your choice!

Once I got the legs as pictured above, I inserted the dowels through the legs and up into the body. I then inserted hot glue around the dowels inside the legs. THIS is tricky to do and can cause a mess. If you decide on using the dowels and glue as I did DO NOT squeeze the legs at all UNTIL glue is dry.I used the glue to stop the dowels from slipping up and down inside.

Arrows refer to how far the dowels are inserted

Once the glue had set I continued stitching in each sc around for 5 more rows. I did have a stitch or 2 that got closed up by the glue and so I had to poke holes in them with a needle so I could continue crocheting around. 
Maybe there is a better way of doing the legs but I'm just showing how I did them...

arrows pointing to where I f/o with the pants

Now for the boots:

OK, as I said, I'm new to crochet and I'm sure there is a pattern for boots and Coat I've lost the notes on how I made them but please refer to the pictures and hopefully you'll get the idea. I'm not happy with the boots as they look more like winter boots than rubber boots... If I could do over, I would not fold over the top part. I would have left them as pictured in the middle.*** I will post a pattern for the boots when I find one. Please feel free to post any ideas!!!


Ok so once you get the boots made and put on the doll time to make arms. 


With shirt color:

1. Pick up 6 stitches where you want the arms to be (6)
2. 2 sc in each (12)
3. 1 in each of the back loops for 6 sc on the top half of the arm and 1 in each  of the front loops for 6 sc on the bottom half of the arm. 
**Do this for for 2 rows. (12)
Now in both loops you do 1sc in each around for 10 rows (12)
In front loops only do 1 sc in each around for 2 rows. Finish off (12)

*** For hands I switched to a smaller hook (3mm) and inserted cream color yarn to the inside ledge just as I did with the shirt and started the hand and then fingers. Please watch this tutorial on doll hands by Golden Jelly Bean. It takes practice but worth the effort!!

The coat I made in pieces and did a best guess as I went along SO very sorry if this is frustrating for anyone. I`m just learning so please bear with me. For the coat you start with one half and chain however many chains you need to go half way around the doll with some room to spare. Think how a raincoat would go around yourself. You would not want it too tight!

Sew the halves together as pictured

What I did from here was fit the coat over Coraline and started crocheting around the arms. This was really a trial and error for me! I think that maybe working with felt for the coat would be better. Less bulky and easier to cut, sew and fit!!!

For the hood I started the same as I did for the head but with yellow and I stopped at about row 7 or 8. I decided it was becoming too big so I folded it as pictured and stitched it closed. I then attached it to the coat I also added a collar and strings with a bead on each end to make it look more realistic.


**Front piece,
Chain 9
1sc  in each for 8 rows. (finish off)
**Back piece,
Ch 9
1sc  in each for 9 rows
for 10th row you 1sc in each of the back loops, ch1 turn, then 1 in each of front loops, ch1 turn and 1sc in both loops for 2 rows. (finish off)
fit pieces together so the top flap folds over front piece and sew sides together.
**For the strap I chained 45 and then 1sc in each across. Finished off and sewed to sides of purse. You can make strap any length you choose. I also sewed a loop onto the front flap that fits over a button I sewed on as pictured. This purse now holds the eyes of the ghost children... 3 beads my daughter picked out, lol

I chose big buttons for the eyes as they seemed to look the best. I used a light brown felt marker for the freckles. I stitched in the eyebrows by using one length of yarn and inserting it through the back of the head to the front and back out the back again, knotting it and hiding the yarn in the hair. The lips I inserted yarn through the back again same as I did for the eyebrows. I colored in the lips with felt marker. Started with a light pink and outlined them with a darker pink. The nose I did the same as eyebrows and lips except I used a crochet  needle and hook to add dome depth and width as I shaped the nose.

Oops almost forgot the ears. I started with a magic circle 6. I pulled the tail to close up the circle and without joining, ch1 turn and 1sc, then 2sc  (9) ch1 turn and stitch across (9) finish and sew onto head.

***I will post more soon and show how I made Wyborn.


  1. did u make a video of this Coraline

  2. can u make a waist for a Caroline doll please or make any doll with a thin waist i need it for my project .

  3. well i need 3 crochet doll a mom, dad ,and a baby or a teenager please just do the mom and i will use the same pattern for the father and the teenager
    god bless u

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  5. Hi LooLoo, no I didn't make a video for this doll. I was just learning to crochet when I made her so I tried to explain her in pictures.
    I don't have a thin waist doll and I wouldn't be able to come up with anything as we are too close to Christmas and I'm busy-busy making gifts for my children, lol if you need a basic doll just do a google search and I'm sure you will find something for your project.
    Good luck and Happy Holidays!!

  6. OK thanks!!!!! i will try and send u picture of the doll i have crochet. Well it my first doll i have crochet. write back on what u will be crocheting next.
    thank u =)

  7. do you have any horse patterns? I love horses so if you do tell me.