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Homemade Wybie Doll Free Crochet Pattern

My crochet Wybie doll is my beginner's attempt so unfortunately I have only bits to share and pictures of his making. I've lost some notes and others are now hard to understand even tho I wrote them. I really wanted to make a pattern that was easy to read and more importantly easy to follow! BUT

 during the process of making him I would sometimes get carried away without writing as I went and also thinking I would remember later ~> WRONG!!!

But I will share what I have. As I've said before I am learning and new to crochet so making my own pattern was a real challenge. And those of you who ever made up a pattern as a beginner it is a series of hit and misses anyway. Hopefully the pictures will help

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So start with the head

1. Create a magic circle 
2. Then create 6 sc in the ring. 
3. 2sc in each sc           (12)
4. 1sc, 2sc in next sc   (18)
5. 2sc, 2sc in next sc   (24)
6. 3sc, 2sc in next sc   (30)
7. 4sc, 2sc in next sc   (36) 
8. 5sc, 2sc in next sc   (42) 
9. 6sc, 2sc in next sc   (48) 
10.7sc,  2sc in next sc  (54)
11. 1sc in the back loops for 2 rows (54)
12. 1sc in each sc for 11 rows (54) 
13. 1sc in the next 2sc; Crochet 2 together until you are left with 12 stitches
** Before the hole gets too small stuff and shape head
14.  Stitch around 12 stitches for 5 rows.

 Here you can add the pipe cleaners as pictured. They will make Wybie's head a bit poseable and also keep his head from flopping right over. I used 4 pipe cleaners folded all together in half. The arrow is pointing to the end that you want to make sure is pinched over so there are no sharp points.

Now you switch to Wybie's coat color and add 2 sc in each around (24) then increase around until you have the shape of his upper body. And remember his coat is quite long. I added his collar after the coat was made by chaining a length then stitching it over until I had the shape and size I was happy with

I made a couple mistakes as you can see where I added the grey it doesn't quite match up but the great thing about working with yarn is you can easily fix these mistakes with a cover up as you'll see in a bit.
So once I got the coat made as pictured I panicked because I didn't know how to add in the legs. His waist has to be quite high up in that coat and I was stuck! So I made the waist and legs as a separate piece and then ended up gluing the piece inside the coat

As you can see I made a circle and increased around until I got to the size that would fit inside the coat. I inserted black and stitched around the back loops for one row then in both loops for about 4 rows. I picked up 6 stitches where the legs would be and then 2 sc in each (12) and then one in each for about 9 or 10 rows.

Ok, now those shoes!! My goodness that was a trial and error process. I did these in the middle of the night and remember re-trying that shape a few times before I was happy with them. At one point when I was stitching around the bottom part I crossed over and slip stitched to the opposite side to create the space for the ankle and then stitched around that space for 2 or 3 rows

Once I got the ankle part sewn into the leg and got the waist attached inside the coat it was time to make the arms 
1. Pick up 6 stitches where you want the arms to be (6)
2. 2 sc in each (12)
3. 1 in each of the back loops for 6 sc on the top half of the arm and 1 in each  of the front loops for 6 sc on the bottom half of the arm. 
**Do this for for 2 rows. (12)
Now in both loops you do 1sc in each around how ever long you want the arms to be and you can also add in the grey stripes as I did but it's not necessary

*** For hands please watch this tutorial on doll hands by Golden Jelly Bean. It takes practice but worth the effort!! Once I made the hands I used white craft paint to paint on the skeleton.

Gosh, now that hair, unfortunately I did not take pictures of me brushing out the yarn but that's what I did. Once I got all the hair in place I then took our hair brush and brushed and brushed and brushed to get all the yarn strands separated and frizzed out. Then I took small bunches of the frizzed out hair and tied them off to make the dread locks. It was a long process but it turned out well

 *** I rooted the hair as pictured alternating between black and brown

*** I used some hairspray and water to dampen his hair as I worked it into dread locks

For his ears I started with a magic circle 6. I pulled the tail to close up the circle and without joining I chained 1, turned and then 1sc, then 2sc  (9) ch1 turn and stitched across (9). Sewed onto head.

So that's how I made our Wybie and my kids love him! 

My hope is this helps someone else or give ideas on how to make their own Wybie doll. The thing to remember is it is trial and error without a pattern of course but also yarn is forgiving and mistakes are easily covered up. It takes patience and a little bit of creativity. Good luck and Happy crocheting everybody!! Any questions please ask 

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  1. thankyou for posting hun, going to make both this one and coralline from your pattern for my grand daughter :) wish me luck!