Amigurumi To Go Free Patterns

Here is the link list of all my own free patterns and tutorials. Many of them have video tutorials to help you through if you are just beginning with amigurumi. You may sell your finished products and if you credit the pattern designer that would be appreciated. These patterns have been designed by Sharon Ojala of Amigurumi To Go. All rights reserved

                                            Happy Crocheting!

Patterns are not to be sold
or reprinted on any other site or blog. These patterns are not authorized to be sold as a cross stitch pattern or to be published on any cross stitch site. Finished products can be sold

Appliques & Misc

Coin Purse/Rosary Pouch
6 Point Star/Flowe
Small Heart
Larger Heart
I Cord
Crochet Wheelchair
    How To Video's Crochet 101

      Magic Circle or Adjustable Loop
      How To Crochet 2 Stitches Together
      How To Crochet Fingers and a Thumb

        Coraline Character Dolls

          Coraline Doll with video
          Wybie Doll with video
          Wybie's Black Cat Wuss Puss
          Ghost Child Doll

            Totoro Character Dolls

              Small Grey Totoro with video
              Small Blue Tortoro with video
              Miniature Thread Totoro
              Larger Grey Totoro
              Cat Bus with video

                Veggie Tale Dolls

                  Larry Cucumber with video
                  Bob Tomato with video
                  Junior Asparagus with video
                  Laura Carrot
                  Larryboy Hero with video

                    Assorted Movie Characters

                      Big Comfy Couch Dust Bunny
                      Toy Story LGM Alien
                      Diary of Wimpy Kid Greg with video
                      Diary of Wimpy Kid Rodrick

                        Little Bigfoot Animals

                          Elephant with video
                          Hippo with video
                          Monkey with video
                          Turtle with video

                            More Animals

                                Easter Egg Bunny
                                Large 2 foot Tall Monkey with video
                                15 Inch Monkey with video
                                Sock Monkey Sackboy
                                Small 6 Inch Sock Monkey
                                Baby Bunny
                                Baby Duck

                                    Kawaii Moshi Moshi Characters

                                      Bunny Ambulance with video
                                      Bunny Bee with video
                                      Bunny Rocket
                                      Strawberry Bunny

                                        Assorted Amigurumi

                                          Mouse (Also used in a set called Red Riding Hood Mouse)
                                          Smiley Happy Face with video

                                              Miniature Amigurumi

                                              Tiny Mouse
                                              Tiny Bunny
                                              Miniature Purple Panda
                                              Miniature Blue Panda
                                              Tiny Elephant
                                              Tiny Bear with video


                                              1. can you please tell me where to find your magic circle

                                                1. yes, I will give you the link to my complete playlist on crochet 101 just in case there is another video that could be of help as well.. the magic circle is the first video in this list


                                                  If you can't find it then here is the direct link to the magic circle

                                                2. I just disabled the anti copy so you can highlight those links and paste or open them :)

                                              2. Hi Sharon! I have a huge request! I noticed you have a pattern for the Big comfy Couch dust bunnies and was wondering if there is any possible way you could make a pattern for Molly and Lunette? They were my daughters favorite when she was younger and I would love to make them for her. I'll will be willing to buy the pattern. Only if you can because I know its a huge request.

                                                Thanks a bunch

                                              3. Sharon, can you make a little bigfoot cow? My youngest granddaughter has taken a liking to cows and I love the Little Bigfoot patterns! I made monkeys and bunnies for her two sisters. Thank you so much for your consideration!

                                              4. I am looking for a DOLPHIN pattern.
                                                the only 1's i can find are 12" or more long.
                                                i sooo love your bigfoot animals & i also know...
                                                that dolphins dont have ' feet', but I think
                                                he ( or she ) would make a GREAT addition
                                                to your zoo.

                                              5. On the fox ears it says (12) which is right...then it says to do 1sc then 2sc in next st (15) and no matter how i did it I could not come up with 15 the way it says it comes to I doing something wrong?

                                                1. oh yes, you're right it's supposed to read 18st. Sometimes these written errors happen and it's great to have it pointed out. I'll go correct the pattern now. Thanks for commenting :))

                                                2. UPDATE! so sorry, I was just looking over the pattern again and my first reply was wrong. It doesn't matter that much but the correction above will give you a larger ear. The corrected pattern ism 1sc in next 3st then 2sc in next st (15). My apologies for the confusion

                                                3. Where do you get the small eyes? ie 6-7 mm

                                                4. google "Lisa & Ed's Eyes and More" click on their web link, (it should be the first one on google's results) then click on "animal eyes". I order from there

                                              6. Were do I find the pattern for the Easter egg bunnies?

                                                1. oops, they are listed here in this post but just look to the right of this page, scroll up a bit and that label list is all clickable links to my patterns. You can click on Easter or Bunny and either one will bring up the posts with bunnies or Easter patterns. You could scroll up further and it's also pictured under the heading "Top 10 Patterns This Week" and you just have to click on the picture


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