Friday, January 2, 2015

Facebook Is Hiding Your Favorite Pages!

Hello Friends,

If any of you are on facebook and aren't aware yet, there's been some changes that affects all facebook pages such as mine Amigurumi Freely. Facebook has taken us mostly out of your newsfeed so that you (well, all of us) can see posts of a more personal level. Which is super great since the facebook feeds have become a commercial mess but now in order for me to get my posts to you I will have to pay to boost my posts which I can not do.
But there is good news, if you want to continue getting updates from my page or any page that you love then simply hover over the liked button (see photo above) and then click on "get notifications" and ta da! Now each time one of your favorite pages posts something you won't miss a thing! I do this for a select few and I love it!

Please pass along this information to your friends so we can continue to enjoy what we love.


  1. Thank you so much for this information! I was getting so upset about not getting posts from pages that I love! xo

  2. Voila not "wa la". There's no need to post my comment but please fix your text, you're too talented to let a spelling error like this on your lovely site.

    1. not to worry, I'm not embarrassed by your correction so I will publish your comment. It's just a slang used by many. It seems to make some cringe for whatever reason. I changed it to "ta da" which is still a slang but seems more acceptable to most

  3. I did not know this! Thanks for this post!


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